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Lauge Esgesen Brok

Lauge Esgesen Brok

Mand før 1441 - før 1505  (< 64 år)

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  • Navn Lauge Esgesen Brok 
    Født før 1441 
    Køn Mand 
    • 1469 Lensmand på Koldinghus
    Bopæl Gammel Estrup, Auning, Sønderhald Herred, Randers Amt, Danmark Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted 
    • Ridder ca 1486
    Slægtskab 13 x Great Grand Father 
    Død før 3 jun. 1505 

    • DAA 1889 s 103-04-05 Danske adelsgodser i middelalderen, Erik Ulsig, Kbh.1968 s 218+219+271+291+399+450+463

      Lage Esgesen Brok There seems to be some uncertainty about his mothers identity. DBL (vol. 4, pp. 134-5) suggests that he was the son of his father's second wife, and she is here named as Ellen Gyldenstierne, daughter of Henrik Knudsen G. Kirsten Pedersdatter Hög, mentioned in Raneke as the second wife of Esge, Lage's father, is in stead in DBL recorded as Lage's second wife. According to the samesource he was married 1stly, before 1460, to Else Laxmand (died after 1 July 1466), daughter of Poul Laxmand and Lisbet Eriksdatte Krummedige. Further to this DBL states the following regarding Lage:Alread in 1460 he was written at his ancestral estate of Essendrup. His other estates were Bregenholm, Aarhus parish and Vemmetofte, which he inherited in 1472. His family inheritance interested him the most and he is a prominent character in Gl. Estrups History. He began the construction of the still preserved main building and enthusiastically collected estates in the near vicinity. In 1469 he was given 'Birkebrev' [confirmation letter? -trans.] of his estates in Favsing and Avning parishes. His energy as a Lord of the Manor was coupled with a, even for that time, unbelievable brutality. Heis particularly known for his long feud with the Rosenkrantz family, who, with their extensive possessions, were always in his way. His opposition was mainly against Ottr Nielsen and Erik Ottese. Hisfeud with them is mentioned for the first time in 1460 when a complaint is made that L.B. and sixteen henchmen laid siege to Sir Otte's estate of Björnholm. Throughout the following fifteen years theRosenkrantz family and tenants were subjected to L.B.'s animosity and he had many of them imprisoned or flogged. In 1468 he slew with his own hand a rich merchant at Randers, Mr. Niels Paaske. He wasfurthermore accused of harbouring outlaws at his estate. After his death it became clear that he had forced the bailiff for County District Sönderhald to write a 'Kendelse' [judgement/proclamation/confession? -trans.] for his benefit. Under these circumstances the battle was only interrupted briefly now and again by payments of blood-money and temporary settlements. Not until 1475 at the personalintervention of King Christian was the feud stopped. L.B. who was mentioned as sheriff at Koldinghus in 1469 was knighted in 1486. Age and dignity did not, however, dampen his temperament. In 1496 hews declared 'Tremarksmand' and as such proclaimed unworthy to fulfill duties for the courts.
    Person-ID I2450  Reventlow | Ancestor to Christian Ditlev Reventlow
    Sidst ændret 25 jan. 2015 

    Far Aner Esge Jensen Brok
              f. før 1425
              d. 8 jun. 1441, I Slaget På Sct.Jørgensbjerg, , Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted  (Age > 16 år) 
    Mor Aner Ellen Henriksdatter Gyldenstierne
              d. før 1472 
    Familie-ID F25901  Gruppeskema  |  Familietavle

    Familie 1 Aner Kirsten Pedersdatter Høeg
              f. 1461
              d. 1542, Demstrup, Råby Sogn, Gjerlev Herred, Randers Amt, Danmark Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted  (Age 81 år) 
    Other partners:  Peder Lykke (1506) 
    +1. Ide Lagesdatter Brok
              d. ca. 1532
    +2. Niels Lagesen Brok
              f. ca. 1471, Gammel Estrup, Auning, Sønderhald Herred, Randers Amt, Danmark Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted
              d. 27 jan. 1535  (Age ~ 64 år)
    Sidst ændret 25 jan. 2015 
    Familie-ID F26527  Gruppeskema  |  Familietavle

    Familie 2 Aner Else Laxmand
              d. eft. 6 aug. 1466 
    Other partners:  Oluf Nielsen Galen  
    Gift før 1460 
    +1. Anne Lavesdatter Brok
              f. ca. 1477, Krageholm, Sövestad, Skåne, Sverige Find alle personer med begivenheder på dette sted
              d. 7 dec. 1524  (Age ~ 47 år)
    Sidst ændret 25 jan. 2015 
    Familie-ID F30625  Gruppeskema  |  Familietavle

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